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Project: Studying Attacking

Here I will try to keep track of my efforts regarding studying attacking play
  • Skill Building
                - Learning attacking and mating patterns, such as common sacrifices
                            -"How to Beat Your Dad at Chess"
                - Doing mate problems
                - Practicing attacking in games
  • Studying Adolf Anderssen games:
                    Project Description
                    Game 1
                    Game 2
                    Game 3
                    Game 4
                    Memorize the Immortal Game : Done
                    Memorize the Evergreen Game : To Do

  • Principles of Attacking
                   - Lilov "The combination is the tip of the iceberg."
                   - Try to create a local superiority of force
                   - There needs to be a weakness or motive for the attack
                   - From Wikibooks Chess Strategy

The necessary preconditions for an attack

Before the attack is conducted in full, one or more conditions must be fulfilled. This was the mistake that the Romantics and amateurs alike made: the conditions are not always fulfilled. In general, two or more of the following requirements must be met to conduct a successful attack on the king:
1. Control of the center, or else that it is closed, so that the defender cannot land a counterblow there.
2. A general space advantage in the area where the enemy king resides.
3. General weaknesses in the opponent's king position.
4. The number of attackers is more than the number of defenders.
5. Open lines to the king.
6. The majority of your army is posted in the king's sector, or if not, your army can easily get there with speed and efficiency.

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