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Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Haven't updated in a while but I'm still playing in the weekly slow chess league on chess.com. But more importantly I decided to take lessons. I've tried this before and was less than thrilled with the experience. So, going into it this time I was a bit more specific. I wanted the coach to review my games with me. Basically I just don't feel that reviewing with the engine is very useful for me. I like getting a more verbal discussion. The other issue is that I don't want to do tactical problems during lessons. So, just kind of by luck I came across the website of a coach and emailed and did the free trial lesson. So, including that trial lesson I have done 9 lessons with him now. So far I'm quite happy. If I have a game to review we do that and then we usually go over a master game. During this process he will ask me questions about what is the appropriate plan, or was this a good move, or other things like that. So, it's a good way to engage my brain while I am going over the game which of course makes the experience much more valuable. During the process he will draw arrows and color different squares to highlight the concept. The nice thing is that after each game I am able to save it with all these markings included so it is easy to review the games. So we use skype audio, and the playchess server. On the whole I would say I am quite satisfied. His basic emphasis is strategy or positional play and endgames. For me I of course need to keep the blunders down. But I think having a strong direction to my learning instead of the jumping around I've been doing for a long time can only be a good thing. I know what I need to do about the blunders. Play more and consider my opponents options more.

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