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Friday, August 4, 2017

Chess Status

Overall picture: My current rapid rating on chess.com is 1497. This is where I play all my slow chess league games so it is a reasonable estimation of my true strength.

One of the big problems I have encountered in my chess pursuit is getting distracted and pursuing other things.  The biggest distraction comes from the game of go. I seem to go in phases where I will pursue one for a while and then switch to the other.  The result is that I don't make progress at either.

So, I have been putting some thought into the question of how serious I am about chess. I think I am serious about improving. So, one important thing for me to try is to stay consistent with chess instead of switching off to other things.

A second way consistency comes into the picture is in terms of the things I study. I have about 125 chess books but I have only worked my way through 1 book completely. I have worked most of the way through 2 or 3 others. On the other hand I have read parts of almost all of the books. It also goes the same for studying aspects of the game. I set a goal a long time ago of studying attacking chess but kept getting distracted into other aspects of the game.

A third way consistency comes into the picture is in terms of actually playing. I am very inconsistent in how I play. I think the most important thing for me to practice is actually looking at the opponents possibilities more. As it is I tend to fall into tunnel vision just thinking about my plans and desires and forget to think about things from my opponents perspective. This is particularly true when I get excited or when I get worried about time.

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