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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Slow Chess in Taipei

Well, I've been talking to some people here and it's looking like we may have the beginnings of a slow over the board league here in Taipei. It remains to be seen how many people are actually willing to show up to play, but so far things seem to be moving in the right direction. It will be informal with no real world rating points at stake, but the idea of pooled cash prize and league ranking or rating of some kind are possible.

As far as I go, I have gotten back to my regular weekly casual games online and have been trying out some new opening ideas there. I have also gotten back into a couple of online slow chess leagues so I am picking up there as well. Unfortunately, while I have played some good games, my blunder rate has shot up quite high again. I think this is lack of practice because I think in maybe the 6 months or so before I left I was playing at a better level, and blunders were much more clearly linked with being very tired or some external factor when I played.

As far as study goes, I have been doing some amount of tactics everyday. I've also been watching some of the St. Louis chess center videos. Particularly Ben Finegold and Yasser Seirawan.  Have watched a couple of Alejandro Ramirez's vids as well.

I am also trying to give the Yusupov training series a go. So far I am liking it and can see it being a valuable chess education if I stick with it.

I still want to get more game reviews done, both my own and to get back to analyzing some Anderssen games. I guess the hold up here is that often this can be intimidating in terms of the amount of work I feel it takes to do it properly.

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