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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Twin Ports Open, Duluth MN August 15-16th 2015

Link: Twin Ports Open Duluth

It's a long way off and a lot could happen between now and then but I am hoping to play this real life tournament in the US.  Basically, we will be visiting the US and traveling around by car during August, and this tournament coincides very nicely with the times I will be visiting family in Minneapolis.  In fact it's right about the time we would be leaving SD and going to Minneapolis.  The details have to be ironed out, but it looks like it should be possible.

We also have a visit to St. Louis planned and I am hoping to check out the chess center there which I haven't done before.

As I have said before, there is a very limited amount of opportunities for over the board play here in Taiwan, and there has been some friction lately between the westerners and the Taiwanese about some things which have meant that there are less opportunities for westerners to play serious games.  Some of this has got me thinking about setting up some kind of tournament myself.  Right now, I am thinking of something quite small, but where there would be some kind of prize, even if it was only the pooled entry fees, and the games would be slow time control games over the board.  Right now it is of course just a momentary dream. I know some of the other players would like some serious games, but whether they would be willing to get involved in such a thing I don't know. I also know that in general I'm not very good at rallying people around an idea of mine.  But who knows, maybe I will be able to make something happen.

I'm still kind of hoping to be able to play the Asian Dragons tournament that gets hosted in Taiwan. It's an actual FIDE rated tournament. Last year I played in a small side event.  I was kind of hoping for the possibility to play this year in the main tournament.  Not sure if it will be even happening, and there may be an issue due to the above mentioned friction, but I will keep an eye out.

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