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Friday, April 3, 2015

English Game, I attack

This game felt like a good win to me at the time. I was able to open his king and bring pressure and win significant material as a result of the attack. Of course, as often happens when I am the one attacking it seems my attacks really only succeed because of awful blunders by the opponent. Here, there is a move where he has an option that is winning for him (basically 4 pawns in his favor) but instead made a move that gives me a huge advantage. (At least 4 pawns in my favor.)

This, is one of the areas where the computer analysis can get me down a bit.  Sometimes it seems like whenever I lose, I totally deserved to lose, and whenever I win, it wasn't really deserved.

I guess my best reply to this thought is that the game is played between two imperfect humans and that I did a good job at the level of our game.  I still followed a strategy and did my best to implement it and ended up winning.  Part of being on the attack is creating pressure that leads to the opponent making moves that aren't the best. The computer analysis is there to show me things to look for next time, but in the contest of skill between me and my opponent I still came out on top in this particular game.

A note on the analysis.  I was a disappointed with how blunder check worked last time, (not saying it didn't do its job, but there was a point where I was much better (about 4 pawns) and blunder check didn't show it) so I just used infinite analysis on some specific points I was curious about in this game instead of doing a full automated analysis like usual.

Anyway, here's the game, warts and all.

globulon - IvanBuckland

Result: 1-0
Site: Internet Chess Club
Date: 2015.04.04
[...] 1.c4 e5 2.♘c3 ♘c6 3.g3 f5 4.d3 ♘f6 5.♗g2 ♗c5 6.e3 O-O 7.♘f3 Although this isn't a common line, till this move I was still in the company of a 2600 and 8 2500s. Ne2 is the preferred move here. I think I actually intended Ne2 but then got distracted and played this instead. 7...d6 8.O-O ♕e8 9.♘d2 f4 10.♘b3 fxe3 11.♘xc5 Right after he played exf2+ I thought I had made a mistake because it seemed like I could have played fxe3 and not lost the option to trade off his dark squared bishop. However, H4 actually gives me +0.21 d=25 after this move, and gives black -.38 if I play fxe3. I'm definitely not claiming any insight into this, but it's interesting.
11.fxe3 I just played too quick and didn't notice that exf is check (despite doing the zwischenzug section in S Polgar). I should be able to force the trade off of the bishop anyway. However, after this option, H4 -0.38 d=24
11...exf2 12.♖xf2 dxc5 13.♘d5 ♕d7 14.♗e3 ♘d4 15.♘xf6 ♖xf6 16.♖xf6 gxf6 17.♗d5 ♔h8 18.♕h5 ♕e7 19.♖f1 c6 20.♗e4 f5 21.♗h6 ♗d7 22.♗g5 ♕g7 23.g4 ♖f8 This is a huge blunder, not just because of what it allows me to do, but because according to H4 Rg8 is basically crushing for him with -3.84 d=26
23...♖g8 24.♗h6 ♕xg4 25.♕xg4 ♖xg4 26.♗g2 f4 27.♔f2 ♔g8 28.h4 ♖xh4 29.♗g5 ♖h2 30.♔g1 ♖h5 31.♗e7 b6 32.♗d6 ♗h3 33.♗xh3 ♖xh3 34.♖d1 ♖g3 35.♔f2 ♖e3 36.♖e1 ♔f7 37.♗b8 ♖f3 38.♔g2 ♖xd3 39.♗xe5 ♖d2 40.♔f1 ♔g6 41.♗xd4 cxd4 42.♖e7 ♖xb2 43.♖xa7 c5 44.a4 ♖b4 45.♖b7 h5 46.♔f2 ♔f5 47.♖h7 ♔e4 48.♖xh5 (0:01:29) 189041kN 23.g4
24.♗h6 ♕xg4
24...♕f7 25.♗xf8 ♕xf8 This is what I expected and thought it would be good of course, but K8 gives +4.43 d=28 26.gxf5 H4 gives +7.27 d=23 after this move
25.♕xg4 ♖g8 I didn't see this, so it's fortunate that it leaves him down a rook. 26.♕xg8 ♔xg8 27.♖f2 ♔f7 28.♗e3 ♔e7 29.♗xd4 cxd4 30.♗xf5 ♗xf5 31.♖xf5
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