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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ruy Lopez exchange, attacking game

Playing games as usual in the slow chess leagues and with weekly partners. Been keeping at the Susan Polgar tactics book. Done a little bit of the "mixed" format at chesstempo.

I'm going to post this game with not much more than computer analysis. One problem I seem to have is that my idea of a proper game analysis is something that would really be quite time consuming. Basically, it would involve a lengthy examination without the computer followed up by a careful exploration with the computer. The problem is that I often find the prospect of my own ambition too daunting so I just don't do anything. At least by running some minimal computer analysis I can hopefully learn something basic about how I played.

In this game I seemed to have a good attacking situation and couldn't pull off a win. It ended in a draw. After the game I was sure I must have had a checkmate that I just missed. Houdini seems to think otherwise. I ran the blunder check and while it came up with some things it nothing really leaped out. However, afterwards I went to a specific point in the sequence and ran infinite analysis and it was showing about a 4 pawn advantage to me. However, the line it suggests doesn't seem natural to me. I guess the thing I am kind of taking away from this is I should have given up on the checkmate and just gone to the endgame up a couple of pawns. I just felt my position with two rooks and a pawn all over his king must be crushing, but it seems there's just not that much there.

MalteseFalcon - globulon

Result: 1/2-1/2
Site: Internet Chess Club
Date: 2015.03.31
[...] 1.e4 e5 2.♘f3 ♘c6 3.♗b5 a6 4.♗xc6 dxc6 5.O-O ♗e6 6.d3 ♕d6 7.♘c3 O-O-O 8.♗e3 f6 9.a4? -0.25 (9.d4 ♗g4 10.h3 exd4 11.♕xd4 ♕xd4 12.♘xd4 ♗d7 13.♖ad1 ♗d6 14.f3 ♘e7 -0.09) 9...g5 10.h3? -0.75 (10.a5 h5 11.♘a4 ♕d7 12.♘d2 h4 13.b3 ♕f7 14.♘c5 ♗xc5 15.♗xc5 ♔b8 -0.25) 10...g4 11.♘h4? -1.23 (11.hxg4 ♗xg4 -0.75) 11...gxh3 12.g3 ♘h6? -0.68
12...♕d7 13.a5 ♔b8 14.♘a4 ♕g7 15.♕d2 h5 16.b4 ♘h6 17.♗xh6 ♖xh6 18.♘c5 -1.23
13.♔h2? -1.72
13.♗xh6 ♗xh6 14.♘f5 ♕f8 15.♕h5 ♗d2 16.♖ad1 ♗xc3 17.bxc3 ♗xf5 18.♕xf5 ♔b8 -0.68
13...♘g4 14.♔h1 ♗h6? -0.95
14...♕b4 15.♕c1 ♘xe3 16.fxe3 ♖g8 17.♖xf6 ♕e7 18.♖xe6 ♕xe6 19.♘f5 h5 20.♔h2 -1.72
15.♗xh6 ♘xh6 16.♕h5 ♕f8 17.♘f5 ♘xf5 18.exf5 ♗f7 19.♕xh3 h5 20.♕h4 ♕h6 21.♘e4 ♗d5 22.♔h2? -1.30
22.♖ae1 ♖hg8 23.♔h2 ♖df8 24.♖e2 ♖g4 25.♕h3 ♗xe4 26.♖xe4 ♖xe4 27.dxe4 h4 -0.77
22...♗xe4 23.dxe4? -2.20
23.♕xe4 ♕d2 24.♖ac1 ♖hg8 25.♕e3 ♕b4 26.b3 h4 27.♖h1 ♖g4 28.♔g2 ♖dg8 -1.30
23...♖dg8? -0.96 (23...♖hg8 24.♖fd1 -2.20) 24.♖ad1? -2.48
24.f3 ♕d2 25.♔h1 ♖d8 26.♔g1 ♖hg8 27.♖f2 ♕f4 28.♔h2 ♕e3 29.♖af1 ♖g5 -0.96
24...♖g4 25.♕h3 ♖xe4 26.b3 h4 27.g4 ♕f4 28.♔g2 ♖g8
28...♖e2 29.♔h1 ♖xc2 30.g5 ♕xg5 31.♕f3 h3 32.♖g1 ♕h4 33.♖df1 ♕d4 34.♕e3 c5 35.♖g6 ♕d5 36.♔h2 ♖b2 37.♖g3 ♔b8 38.♕d3 ♕d4 39.♕xd4 exd4 40.♖f3 ♔c8 41.♖c1 b6 42.a5 ♔d7 43.axb6 cxb6 44.♖e1 b5 45.♖e6 c4 46.bxc4 bxc4 47.♖xf6 (0:02:41) 305680kN 28.Kg2
29.f3 ♖e2 30.♔h1
30.♖f2 ♖e3 31.♔h1 e4 32.♕h2 ♕g5 33.♕g2 ♖e8 34.♖df1 c5 35.♕h3 ♔b8 36.♖g1 exf3 37.♖xf3 ♖e2 38.c4 ♖8e3 39.♖gf1 a5 40.♖xe3 ♖xe3 41.♖f3 ♖e1 42.♖f1 ♖e4 43.♕f3 ♖xg4 44.♔h2 ♕d2 45.♕f2 ♕c3 46.♖g1 ♖xg1 47.♔xg1 ♕xb3 48.♕xc5 ♕g3 49.♔h1 ♕h3 50.♔g1 b6 51.♕d4 ♕xf5 52.♕xh4 ♕g5 53.♕xg5 fxg5 (0:01:46) 217508kN 29.f3
30...♖h8 31.c3 ♕g3 32.♕xg3 hxg3 33.♔g1 ♖hh2 34.♖fe1 ♖eg2 35.♔f1 ♖f2 36.♔g1 ♖h3? -1.37 37.g5 fxg5? +0.00
37...♖h5 38.gxf6 ♖xf5 39.♖d3 b6 40.♖e4 c5 41.f7 ♖xf7 42.♖xe5 ♖b2 43.♖ee3 -1.69
38.♖xe5 b6 39.f6 ♖fh2 40.f7 ♖h1 41.♔g2 ♖1h2 42.♔g1 ♖h1 43.♔g2 ♖1h2 44.♔g1 Game drawn by repetition
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