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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ruy Lopez, B + R vs N + R endgame

I'm happy with this game for a couple of reasons, but mostly from a psychological standpoint.

First off, the opponent was rated 1090 going into the game.  I definitely thought it was going to be a cakewalk.  This is often a problem for me, turning off my brain because I think for some reason that the game is won.  This happened on Monday in a game that saw me lose on a cheapo at the end after I had suffered on the defensive and then turned the game around and had it won.

However, in this game, despite going into it convinced it would be easy, I kept my wits about me.  For instance, 11. Be3 appeared to me at first glance to drop the e-pawn.  It has happened to me in the past that I would just say "this person is rated 1090, of course they just dropped a pawn for nothing, just grab it and begin the domination."  However, for whatever reason I actually said to myself "This is the kind of place where you get yourself into trouble if you're not careful." and I started calculating what would happen, and fairly quickly I noticed and/or remembered a trick from one of my first slow league games and I looked at Bd5 and saw that it wins a knight for the pawn.

The other thing is that due to my expectations, I started to get a bit frustrated that they were giving me a good game.  When I went down a pawn, I was actually a little upset thinking "If they keep playing like this, a pawn is certainly enough for them to win, and I will be quite upset if I lose this game." However, I kept myself together and just did my best and they started to go wrong with the queenside pawn pushes allowing me to get back my pawn, and then win one, and push on for victory.

So, basically I just feel that I avoided some emotional pitfalls that I have been prone to in the past and maintained both my mental alertness and my toughness.  Just one game, but it feels like progress to me.

As far as the game goes, just one feature seemed particularly interesting to me and that was the way the bishop and the knight opposed each other.  In some ways, after the queen trade, both pieces were a bit trapped. Her knight was a bit locked into protecting the d4 pawn, which couldn't move due to the b2 pawn (and later the rook), but on the other hand, the d4 pawn and the knight took away any useful plan for the bishop.

Miss_Pictboy (1088) - JabotScrob (1436)

Result: 0-1
Site: Chess.com
Date: 2015.04.07
Game analysis
Processor: AMD A10-5700 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (@3.39GHz)
Engine(s): Houdini_4_Pro_CA_x64A
Analysis time: 6:08:12
[...] 1.e4 e5 2.♘f3 ♘c6 3.♗b5 a6 4.♗a4 ♘f6 5.O-O ♗e7 6.♖e1 b5 7.♗b3 d6 8.c3 O-O 9.d4 exd4N
9...♘a5 10.♗c2 c5 11.♘bd2 ♖e8 12.♘f1 ♗f8 13.♗g5 g6 14.♘e3 ...1-0, Kasparov Garry 2805 - Rzymelka Jan, Katowice 1993 Simultan
9...♗g4 10.d5 ♘a5 11.♗c2 ♕c8 12.♘bd2 c6 13.dxc6 ♕xc6 14.h3 ...1/2-1/2, Fressinet Laurent 2625 - Mamedyarov Shakhriyar 2709 , Reykjavik 3/11/2006 It (open)
9...♗b7 10.h3 ♖e8 11.♘g5 ♖f8 12.♘f3 ♖e8 13.♘g5 ♖f8 14.♘f3 ...1/2-1/2, Kindermann Stefan 2535 - Ivanchuk Vassily 2730 , Frankfurt 1998 It (open) (active)
10.cxd4 ♗g4 11.♗e3 ♖e8 12.a3 (12.h3 ♗h5 13.a4 ♕c8 14.♘c3 ♘a5 15.♗a2 b4 +0.17) 12...♗f8
12...♘a5 13.♗a2 ♘xe4 14.♗d5 ♘f6 15.♗xa8 ♕xa8 16.♘bd2 h6 17.♕c2 ♗e6 18.h3 +0.00
13.♘c3 (13.♘bd2 +0.37) 13...♘a5 14.♗c2
14.♗a2 h6 15.♕c2 ♗xf3 16.gxf3 ♘c4 17.♖ac1 ♕d7 18.♗xc4 bxc4 19.♕a4 c6 +0.15
14...♘c4 15.♘d5?
15.b3!15...♘xe3 16.♖xe3 g6 17.h3 ♗e6 18.d5 ♗d7 19.♘d4 ♗g7 20.b4 a5 -0.16
15...♘xd5 16.exd5 ♘xe3?
16...♘xb2!17.♕b1 ♗xf3 18.♗xh7 ♔h8 19.♕xb2 ♗xd5 20.♗c2 ♗c4 21.♖ad1 ♕f6 22.♕c1 -1.03
17.♖xe3 ♕f6
17...♖xe3 18.fxe3 g6 19.h3 ♗d7 20.e4 c6 21.dxc6 ♗xc6 22.♕d2 ♗g7 23.♖f1 -0.33
18.h3!?18...♖xe3 19.fxe3 ♗d7 20.e4 ♕f4 21.♕c1 ♕g3 22.♕e1 ♕xe1 23.♖xe1 g6 -0.09
18...g6 19.♖ae1 ♗f5?!
19...♖xe3!?20.fxe3 ♗xf3 21.♕f1 ♕h4 22.gxf3 ♖e8 23.e4 ♗g7 24.♖d1 f5 25.♕f2 -0.65
20.♕c3 ♖xe3 21.♖xe3 (21.fxe3 ♗g4 22.♖f1 ♕e7 23.e4 ♗h6 24.h3 ♗c8 25.e5 ♗b7 26.♗b3 ♖d8 -0.11) 21...♗xc2?!
21...♗h6!?22.♕c6 ♕d8 23.♖e1 ♗g4 24.♗d1 ♗d7 25.♕c3 ♕c8 26.♘d2 ♗g7 27.b4 -0.29
22.♕xc2 ♗h6 23.♖e1 ♖c8
23...♕d8 24.♕c6 ♗g7 25.g3 ♗f6 26.♔g2 ♔g7 27.h4 h5 28.♖e2 ♕b8 29.♖e3 +0.26
24.♕c6 ♕f5 25.♕xa6 ♕d7 26.g3 ♖e8 27.♕c6 ♖xe1 28.♘xe1 ♕g4 29.♕xb5 ♕d1 +0.67
24...♕d8!?25.♕c6 ♖a8 26.h4 ♗f8 27.h5 b4 28.a4 a5 29.g3 ♗h6 30.♔g2 +0.41
25.♕c6 ♕d8 26.♕xa6 ♕d7 27.♕c6?! (27.♕b7!?27...♗f6 28.g4 h5 29.g5 +1.08) 27...♕xc6 28.dxc6 ♗f6 29.b3 (29.♖e3 ♖b8 30.♔f1 ♔f8 31.♔e2 ♖b6 32.♖b3 d5 33.a4 b4 34.♘e5 ♗xe5 +0.68) 29...♖a8 30.♖a1 (30.b4 ♔f8 31.♖e3 ♗h8 32.d5 h6 33.♔f1 f5 34.g3 g5 35.h4 ♗f6 +0.37) 30...♖a6 31.a4 ♖xc6 32.a5 ♖a6 33.b4?!
33.♔f1!?33...c5 34.♔e2 ♗d8 35.♖c1 ♖xa5 36.dxc5 dxc5 37.♖xc5 ♗b6 38.♖d5 ♖a2 +0.00
33...c5 34.♖c1 (34.bxc5 dxc5 35.♖b1 -0.51) 34...cxb4 35.♖b1 ♖xa5 36.♖xb4 h5 37.♖b3 g5 38.♖c3??
38.g4!38...♔h7 39.♔f1 ♔g6 40.♔e2 h4 41.♔d3 ♗d8 42.♔e4 ♗e7 43.♘e1 b4 -0.69
38...g4 39.hxg4 hxg4 40.♘d2 ♗xd4?! (40...♖a1!?41.♔h2 ♗xd4 -3.29) 41.♖c6?!
41.♖c8!?41...♔g7 42.♘b3 ♖a4 43.♘xd4 ♖xd4 44.♔f1 f5 45.♔e2 ♔f6 46.♖b8 b4 -1.97
41...g3 42.♘b3 ♖a3 43.♘xd4 ♖a1
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