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Monday, April 13, 2015

First slow league section win, English, K + P vs K ending

I finally won a section in the slow chess league tournaments (The ICC section of the Grand Opening Tournament for the Slow Chess League's new website).  I can't really take total credit because A) 2/4 points that I scored were from forfeits. This is obviously not what I'm looking for but oh well.  B) there were just 12 people in the section.  On the other hand, there were several people who were significantly higher rated than me.  I won a game against a player at roughly my level, and I beat someone rated over 200 points higher than me.

This last one is the one I will show here. Basically, at some point in the game he kind of spammed me with draw requests.  To be honest, I wasn't even aware because I often play with headphones and had taken them off so I didn't even hear the draw offer, and if you have the kibitz part of the game window closed there's no visual indication of the draw offer.  On the other hand, I definitely wasn't interested in a draw.  There are several reasons for this. The top one is that teachers like Dan Heisman say, and I totally agree, that if you want to get better then you shouldn't take early draws.  In the situation we were in, there are no passed pawns, and I have doubled pawns, but it seems that there is still plenty of potential for one of us to create a passed pawn.  I agree that for a computer or a grandmaster the position may be devoid of life, but we certainly aren't either of those. I am certainly willing to risk losing to keep playing and hopefully learn more.

Secondly, I felt that it was likely I would go up a pawn and I did.  He perhaps could have prevented this, but he didn't seem to be making great moves.  When I am a pawn up, I am even more likely to want to play it out because now there is even more chance that given our imperfect play I will create a passed pawn.  Of course even this wouldn't guarantee me a win, but it qualifies as life in the position for me.

Lastly, there was the tournament situation.  He can be happy with a draw because he would win the section by .5 whereas if I win the game, then I win the section by .5. Obviously there are no prizes and it's possible that the rating points were actually more important motivations but I definitely thought about this before the game.

I'm really going to lengths about this, because some people will get upset if you play on. (This guy never gave any indication that he was except the slightly rude hitting me with multiple draw offers in a short span.) My main argument is that it maximizes learning, particularly about the endgame to play on. Secondly, I felt in the situation I was really not risking anything and yet could still play for a win. Lastly, was the tournament situation.

Anyway, here's the game.  The computer of course thinks it's very drawish at times, though at one point I have a huge advantage (>+10.5 according to H4 at one point.) and then it peters out to a drawn position, and finally he makes a blunder that he really should have been able to avoid and throws the game away.

Lastly, I was quite happy to play out a textbook K+P vs K ending I had practiced many times. Here I just mostly focused on the ending.

globulon - bradleyguo175

Result: 1-0
Site: Internet Chess Club
Date: 2015.4.13
[...] 1.c4 e5 2.♘c3 ♘f6 3.g3 ♘c6 4.♗g2 ♗b4 5.d3 O-O 6.♗d2 d6 7.♘f3 ♗g4 8.O-O ♕d7 9.♖e1 ♗h3 10.♗h1 ♗c5 11.♘g5 ♗g4 12.♘f3 h6 13.♘e4 ♘xe4 14.dxe4 ♘d4 15.♘xd4 ♗xd4 16.♕b3 a5 17.e3 a4 18.♕d3 ♗xb2 19.♖ab1 a3 20.♗b4 ♕a4 21.♗c3 ♗e6 22.♗xb2 axb2 23.♖xb2 ♗xc4 24.♕c3 b5 25.♖a1 ♕a3 26.♕c2 ♖a7 27.♗g2 ♗d3 28.♕d2 ♗c4 29.♗f1 ♕a5 30.♗xc4 bxc4 31.♕xa5 ♖xa5 32.♖c2 ♖a4 33.♖ac1 ♖b8 34.♖xc4 ♖xa2 35.♖xc7 ♖bb2 36.♖f1 ♖a4 37.♖d7 ♖d2 38.♖c1 ♖a8 39.♔g2 g6 40.♖cc7 ♖f8 41.♖c6 ♔g7 42.♖cxd6 ♖xd6 43.♖xd6 ♖e8 44.♔h3 ♖c8 45.♔g4 h5 46.♔f3 ♖b8 47.♖d7 ♖c8 48.h4 ♖b8 49.g4 hxg4 50.♔xg4 ♖b4 51.f3 ♖b3 52.♖d5 ♔f6 53.♖d6 ♔e7 54.♖d5 ♔e6 55.f4 f6 56.fxe5 f5 57.♔f4 ♖b4 58.♖d6 ♔f7 59.♖d4 ♖b1 60.exf5 ♖f1 61.♔e4 ♖xf5 Houdini 4 likes me greater than +10.5 at depth 28 here. 62.♖d6
62.♔d5 ♔e7 63.♖f4 ♖h5 64.♖b4 ♔d7 65.♖b7 ♔c8 66.♖g7 g5 67.hxg5 ♖h1 68.e6 ♔d8 69.♖d7 ♔e8 70.g6 ♖a1 71.♖c7 ♖d1 72.♔e5 ♖g1 73.g7 ♔d8 74.♖d7 ♔e8 75.e4 ♖g3 76.♖b7 ♔d8 77.♔d5 ♖d3 78.♔c4 ♖g3 79.g8=♕ ♖xg8 80.♖b8 ♔e7 81.♖xg8 ♔xe6 82.♔d4 ♔f7 83.♖c8 ♔e6 84.♖f8 ♔e7 85.♖h8 ♔d6 86.♖h6 ♔e7 87.♔d5 ♔f7 88.e5 ♔g7 89.e6 ♔xh6 90.e7 ♔g5 91.e8=♕ ♔f5 92.♕e4 ♔f6 93.♕e5 ♔g6 94.♔e6 ♔h6 95.♔d6 ♔g6 96.♕e4 ♔f7 97.♕f4 ♔g6 98.♕e4 ♔f7 (0:01:45) 254868kN 61...Rxf5
62...♖h5 63.♔d5 ♖xh4 I checked this using both Houdini 4 and the Lomonosov 7 man tablebases. H4 gives me +.88 at depth 29 which certainly seems promising. The Lomonosov function in Aquarium declares it already drawn with perfect play. 64.♖d7 ♔e8 65.e6 ♖h1 66.♔d6 This is a "blunder" in the sense that although with perfect play it both was and still is drawn, practically this seems to make the draw easier for black to find. Houdini 4 for instance has no trouble seeing it's a draw now. I also think that if I had been more careful and looked at it, I should be able to see the obvious answer for black. Both Houdini and I think Rg7 is more promising. 66...♖d1 67.♔e5 ♖xd7 68.exd7 ♔xd7 69.♔f6 ♔e8 An inexplicable blunder. I completely expected Kd6 which draws. The computer recommends g6, which does the job too. After this, I have no problem wrapping up a textbook ending.
69...g5 70.♔xg5 ♔e6 71.♔f4 ♔f6 This is clearly a draw. The black king has opposition.
(69...♔d6 This is also pretty clearly drawn.) 70.♔xg6 ♔e7 71.♔f5 ♔f7 72.♔e5 ♔e7 73.e4 ♔d7 74.♔f6 ♔e8 75.♔e6 ♔d8 76.♔f7 ♔d7 77.e5 ♔d8 78.e6 ♔c7 79.e7 ♔d6 80.e8=♕ ♔d5 81.♕e6 ♔d4 82.♔f6 ♔c5 83.♔e5 ♔b5 84.♔d5 ♔b4 85.♕c6 ♔b3 86.♕c4 ♔b2 87.♔d4 ♔a1 88.♕b4 ♔a2 89.♔c3 ♔a1 90.♕b2#
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