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Monday, April 20, 2015

Attacking Ineptitude

This game, I was a bit unsure about the opening, but I ended up getting a great attack. On the other hand, I came out the other side of chasing his king across the board only having won back the pawn I lost in the opening.  I ran it through the analysis and of course there were many points where I missed stuff. Most frustrating thing I found out was that after all that, I actually blundered a piece at the end.  The only thing that saved me was that my opponent had burned almost all his time while defending and was in serious time trouble. So instead of finding the simple move to win my bishop he tried a swindle that I fortunately had seen the answer to.  Of course some of the tactics the computer points to I was unlikely to find in the game, but there was one point where I feel I really should have seen something that would have given me at least a bit of a material advantage and according to the computer a totally won position.

PaulRichard - globulon

Result: 0-1
Site: Internet Chess Club
Date: 2015.04.20
Game analysis
Processor: AMD A10-5700 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (@3.39GHz)
Engine(s): Houdini_4_Pro_CA_x64A
Analysis time: 1:54:35
[...] 1.e4 e5 2.♘f3 ♘c6 3.♗b5 a6 4.♗a4 ♘f6 5.♕e2 b5 6.♗b3 ♗e7 7.O-ON
7.d4 d6 8.dxe5 ♘xe5 9.♘xe5 dxe5 10.O-O ♗c5 11.♗g5 ♗g4 ...0-1, Paresishvili Giorgi 2292 - Grischuk Alexander 2717 , Verdun 1995 Ch Europe (juniors) (under 12)
7.c3 O-O 8.O-O d5 9.d3 ♖e8 10.h3 h6 11.♖d1 ♗f8 ...0-1, Panarin Michail 2482 - Adams Michael 2740 , Internet 12/28/2004 Cup Russia "Chess Planet" (final) (blitz)
7.a4 ♗b7 8.c3 O-O 9.O-O d5 10.d4 ♘a5 11.♗c2 dxe4 ...1/2-1/2, Tiviakov Sergei 2669 - Adams Michael 2707 , Wijk aan Zee 1/14/2006 It (cat.19)
7...O-O 8.c3 ♗b7 9.a4N (9.d4 ♗d6 10.♘bd2 h6 11.♗c2 ♖e8 12.♖e1 exd4 +0.24) 9...d5 I didn't feel very good about how I played the opening. I was a little distracted and I was a bit unsure about this Qe2 business. Anyway, I thought for a long time about this move, but it wasn't very organized thinking. I calculated a lot of weird lines. The most I could come up with was that it was complicated. On the other hand in just a general sense, I have a development lead, and with his d-pawn still at home it seemed like an ok idea to try to blow things open. At least the computer seems to think it's not stupid so that's reassuring but that's probably based in part of a tactic at the end that I missed. 10.axb5 (10.d3 b4 11.♘bd2 ♕d7 -0.02) 10...dxe4 11.bxc6 exf3 12.♕xf3 ♗c8?
12...e4! This seems like a simple tactic I should have seen. I think what happened is that I had calculated this line beforehand and had just played Bc8 in my mind so when it came up on the board I just did the same without really examining it. 13.♕e2 ♗xc6 14.♘a3
14.♖xa6 Strange, white can still end up a pawn, but the computer likes black better this way than if material stays even. 14...♖xa6 15.♕xa6 ♕d7 16.♕e2 ♗d6 17.♗d1 h5
14...♖e8 -0.29
13.d3 ♗g4 14.♕e3 ♗f5 15.♗c2 ♕d5 16.♘d2 ♖fd8 17.♘c4 ♗d6 18.♖a5 ♕xc6 +0.93
13...e4 14.♕e2 ♗d6?!
14...♕d6!?15.d4 exd3 16.♕f3 ♗e6 17.♘d2 ♖fe8 18.♖d1 a5 19.♖a4 ♗f8 20.♗c4 +0.29
15.♖d1 (15.♗c2 a5 16.d3 +0.82) 15...♖e8 16.d4 exd3 17.♕xd3 ♕e7
17...♗e6 18.♗xe6 ♖xe6 19.♗e3 ♕e8 20.♘d2 ♖d8 21.♗d4 ♕xc6 22.♖a5 ♗e7 23.♖da1 +0.39
18.♘d2!18...♗e6 19.♖e1 ♕d8 20.♕f1 ♗xb3 21.♘xb3 ♖xe1 22.♕xe1 ♕b8 23.♘d4 ♕b6 +0.97
18...♕e5 19.♔f1?? I expected g3, when I would play Bxh3. On the other hand, I thought this move made sense and am a bit surprised at how emphaticly the computer dislikes it.
19.g3!19...♕h5 (19...♗xh3 20.♗d4 ♕h5 21.♗xf6 gxf6 22.♘d2 ♗f5) 20.♘d2 ♗xh3 21.♗d4 ♗f5 22.♕f1 ♘e4 23.♖a5 ♗xg3 24.fxg3 ♘xg3 -0.71
19...♕h2 20.♗d5?! (20.♘d2!?20...♕h1 21.♔e2 ♕xg2 22.♖g1 ♕xh3 -2.72) 20...♘xd5 21.♕xd5 ♗e6 22.♕f3 ♗c5?!
22...♗c4!? Of course I looked at this, and also at Rab8 as something to throw into the mix. I guess I am not too surprised that I didn't see these computer lines here though. 23.♔e1 ♖ab8 24.♔d2 (24.b4 ♖xb4 25.cxb4 ♗xb4 26.♘c3 ♗xc3 27.♖d2 ♕g1#) 24...♖xb2 25.♔c1 ♗e2 26.♕d5 ♖b5 27.♕d2 ♗xd1 28.♕xd1 -7.79
23.g4?! I'm not quite sure what to make about this number. In infinite analysis H4 clearly loves the position and thinks it's completely winning. I quickly reaches values above 15 in my favor and as you follow a slightly more natural reply (it wants white to give up a rook for free.) the values quickly jump to counting to mate in about 26 moves. (I have shown some analysis below.) On the other hand, it all kind of revolves around some trickery on the b-file that I am not shocked that I missed.
23.♘d2!?23...♖ad8 24.♔e1 ♗d5 25.♘f1 ♗xf3 26.♖xd8 ♕e5 27.♖xe8 ♕xe8 28.gxf3 ♗xe3 -2.68
23.♗xc5 This is just to show why he can't take my bishop. Perhaps Bc5 wasn't a great move on my part, I guess I just felt it was bringing more pressure to bear. 23...♗c4 24.♕e2 ♕h1#
23...♗c4 24.♔e1 ♕g1
24...♖ab8 25.b4 ♖xb4 26.♔d2 (26.cxb4 ♗xb4 27.♘c3 ♗xc3 28.♖d2 ♕g1#) 26...♗xe3 27.♕xe3 ♖xe3 28.♔xe3 ♕e5 29.♔f3 ♗e2 30.♔g2 ♗xd1 31.cxb4 ♕xa1 32.♘d2
25.♔d2 ♖ad8
25...♖xe3 26.fxe3 (26.♖xg1 ♖xf3) 26...♖d8 27.♔c1 ♗xe3 28.♘d2 ♗xd2 29.♔c2 ♕h2 30.♖a3 ♗e2 31.♖h1 ♕e5 H4 gives this line as 10 in my favor. It seems less than obvious to me.
26.♗d4 ♕h2 27.♔c2 ♗e2 28.♕h1 ♕xh1?
28...♗xd1! I think this is the one I really should have seen. This seems totally reasonable and simple to calculate. The whole reason I played Be2 was to win the exchange, I just got distracted by his reply and failed to notice that Bxd1+ is check and he can't take my queen. If I notice that, then the following moves seem pretty natural. I don't know that I would have evaluated it as much in my favor as Houdini does, but at least it's something and more than I ended up with. 29.♕xd1 ♗xd4 30.cxd4 -14.07 30...♕xf2 31.♕d2 (31.♔c1 ♖e1) (31.♘d2 ♖xd4) 31...♖e2
29.♖xh1 ♗xd4 30.cxd4 ♖xd4 31.♘c3 ♗d3 32.♔c1 ♖f4?!
32...♖e6!?33.♖a5 ♖xc6 34.♖e5 g6 35.♖d1 ♔g7 36.f3 ♖dd6 37.h4 ♗c4 38.h5 -0.91
33.♖d1 ♖f3 34.♘d5 ♖e6?? Here's the depressing part, after all that came before, here material is even, the computer evaluates as about equal, and I blunder a piece. The only reason that he didn't see it probably is because he was down to about 2 minutes on the clock. Instead he tries for a tactic that looks for a second like it might give him a back rank mate.
34...♔f8!35.♖a5 ♖e6 36.♖c5 ♗b5 37.♘xc7 ♖xc6 38.♖xc6 ♗xc6 39.♖d6 ♗e4 40.♔d2 -0.36
35.♘b4!35...g5 (35...♖d6 36.♖a3 ♖xh3 37.♖axd3 ♖hxd3 38.♖xd3 ♖xd3 39.♘xd3) 36.♖xd3 ♖f4 37.♘xa6 ♖xc6 38.♖c3 ♖e6 39.♖a5 ♖xf2 40.♔b1 ♖b6 +3.27
35...♗xa6 36.♘xc7 ♖xc6 37.♔b1 ♗d3 Re6 is a blunder, but at least I can claim that I did calculate this line out and saw this move as saving me from any troubles. 38.♖xd3 ♖xd3
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