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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

English game

I've been playing the English for a few months now.  Not sure if I will continue, I like some things about it.  It can give some fun maneuvering type situations.  On the other hand the opening sometimes feels quite restrictive about what will follow.  e4 definitely seems to give move variety.  Regardless I have had some interesting games, and feel I am learning if nothing else.

The first analysis is by hand. I focused mostly on a position where he already had pressure against my king and I made a move with not much to say for it.  I thought another move in the same position might save me but it seems not. The blunder check analysis shows that I am already lost, though I could defend better than my weak move for sure.

What I did for the IDeA analysis was to put in my hand analysis file and then told the computer to analyze every position.  My thought was that this would be a good way to go through and see what the computer thinks of the analysis I did.  Two things here. First off I haven't had a lot of time to play with it. I think IDeA is best when you really have time to make it interactive and explore.  Also, I did a bad job by putting a pretty messy file into the analysis. Many of my variations are weak or bad even to my own eye reviewing them.  I will try again with my updated file when I have a chance.

Any comments are welcome.

JabotScrob (1448) - Jmb27 (1585)

Result: 0-1
Site: Chess.com
Date: 2015.02.20
[...] 1.c4 e5 2.♘c3 ♘f6 3.g3 h6 He leaves book. 4.♗g2 d6 5.♘f3 ♘c6 6.O-O ♗e7 7.d3 O-O 8.♖b1 a5 9.a3 ♗e6 10.b4 axb4 11.axb4 ♖b8 12.b5 ♘d4 13.♘d2 d5 14.e3 ♘f5 15.e4 dxe4 16.♘dxe4 ♘d4 17.♘a4 ♘xe4 18.♗xe4 f5 19.♗g2 f4 20.gxf4 exf4 21.f3 This seems pretty horrible, blocking the bishop in and leaving the black pawn on f4, but it was the best I could come up with. 21...♕d7 22.♗b2 ♘f5 23.♕e2 ♘e3 24.♖fe1 ♗h4 25.♘c5 ♕f7 26.♘xe6 ♕xe6 27.♖ec1 ♖be8 28.♖a1
28.♗d428...♕g6 this move seems to do me in though (28...♘f5 29.♕xe6 ♖xe6 30.♗c3 ♖g6 31.♖b2 ♖e8I think I'm ok)
28...♖f5 29.♗xe3 (29.♗h3 ♖g5 30.♔h1 ♕xh3−⁠+) 29...♕xe3 30.♕xe3 ♖xe3 31.♖b3
31.d4 ♖g5 32.♔h1 (32.♖f1 ♖e2−⁠+) 32...♖e2 33.♖g1 ♖d2 34.♖bd1 ♖xd1 35.♖xd1looks ok
31.♖d1 ♖e2 32.♔h1 ♖g5 33.♖g1 (33.♗h3 ♖f2bad) 33...♖e3 34.♖bd1
31...♖g5 (31...♖e2) 32.♖f1 ♖e2−⁠+
28...♘xg2 29.♕xg2 I give a mate threat, but he has many ways to reply. Still, this seems ok for me.
29.♗xe3 ♖xe3
(29.♔h1 ♘xc4)
28...♖f5 29.♔h1 (29.♗d4 ♖g5 30.♗xe3 ♕xe3 31.♕xe3 ♖xe3 32.d4 ♖e2) 29...♖g5 ()
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JabotScrob (1448) - Jmb27 (1585)

Result: 0-1
Site: Chess.com
Date: 2015.02.20
[...] 1.c4 e5 2.♘c3 ♘f6 3.g3 h6 4.♗g2 d6 5.♘f3 ♘c6 6.O-O ♗e7 7.d3 O-O 8.♖b1 a5 9.a3 ♗e6 10.b4 axb4 11.axb4 ♖b8? +0.48
11...♘b8 12.e4 c6 13.♘h4 ♘a6 14.b5 ♘c5 15.♘f5 ♗xf5 16.exf5 ♕d7 17.f4 +0.20
12.b5 ♘d4 13.♘d2? +0.25
13.♘xd4 exd4 14.♘d5 ♘xd5 15.cxd5 ♗d7 16.♕c2 ♗f6 17.♖b4 ♖c8 18.♗b2 ♕e8 +0.48
13...d5? +1.13
13...♗g4 14.h3 ♗d7 15.♗a3 ♖a8 16.♖a1 c6 17.e3 ♘e6 18.h4 ♘c5 19.d4 +0.25
14.e3 ♘f5? +1.86 (14...dxc4 15.exd4 +1.13) 15.e4? -0.16
15.cxd5 ♗c8 (15...♘xd5 16.♘xd5 ♗xd5 17.♗xd5 ♕xd5) 16.♘c4 ♘d7 17.b6 ♘xb6 18.♘xe5 ♗f6 19.f4 ♘d7 20.d4 ♘d6 +1.86
15...dxe4 16.♘dxe4 ♘d4? +0.16
16...♘xe4 17.♗xe4 ♗d6 18.♖e1 ♖e8 19.♗d5 ♗c5 20.♗xe6 ♖xe6 21.♗b2 ♘d4 22.♘d5 -0.21
17.♘a4? -0.69 (17.♘xf6 ♗xf6 +0.16) 17...♘xe4 18.♗xe4 f5? -0.45
18...♕d7 19.♗e3 ♗g4 20.f3 ♗e6 21.f4 ♖a8 22.♘c3 exf4 23.gxf4 ♗g4 24.♕d2 -0.69
19.♗g2 f4 20.gxf4? -1.29 (20.♗e4 ♕d7 -0.45) 20...exf4 21.f3 ♕d7? -0.90
21...♗f5 22.♘c3 ♘e6 23.♘d5 ♗c5 24.♔h1 ♕h4 25.♗d2 ♖bd8 26.♗e1 ♕g5 27.♗a5 -1.29
22.♗b2? -2.10
22.♖e1 ♖bd8 23.♔h1 ♖f7 24.♘c3 ♗g5 25.b6 c5 26.♘e4 ♕c6 27.♗b2 ♗h4 -0.90
22...♘f5 23.♕e2 ♘e3 24.♖fe1 ♗h4? -1.48
24...♗f5 25.♗f1 ♖fe8 26.♕f2 ♕d8 27.♖xe3 fxe3 28.♕e2 ♖a8 29.♘c3 ♗f6 30.♘e4 -2.85
25.♘c5 ♕f7 26.♘xe6? -2.26 (26.♖ec1 ♗f5 -1.48) 26...♕xe6 27.♖ec1 ♖be8 28.♖a1? -4.06 (28.♔h1 ♕g6 29.c5 ♘g4 30.♕c2 ♘f2 31.♔g1 ♘xd3 32.♖d1 ♖d8 33.c6 b6 -1.64) 28...♖f5 29.♔h1 ♖g5 30.♖g1 ♕g6 31.♗h3 ♘xc4? -0.78
31...♘g4 32.♕xe8 ♕xe8 33.♗xg4 ♕e2 34.b6 c6 35.♖g2 ♕xd3 36.♖ag1 h5 37.♗e6 -3.38
32.♖xg5 ♗xg5 33.♕c2? -2.01
33.♗f5 ♕f7 34.♗e4 ♘d6 35.♕c2 ♗f6 36.♗xf6 ♕xf6 37.♖g1 ♘xe4 38.dxe4 ♕e5 -0.78
33...♘xb2 34.♕xb2 ♕xd3 35.♕a2 ♔h8 36.♕f7 ♖d8? -1.24
36...♕xf3 37.♗g2 ♕e2 38.♕f5 b6 39.♖f1 ♕e5 40.♕xe5 ♖xe5 41.♗c6 ♔h7 42.♔g2 -2.46
37.♕xc7? -299.88
37.♖e1 ♗h4 38.♖e8 ♖xe8 39.♕xe8 ♔h7 40.♕d7 ♕xd7 41.♗xd7 ♔g6 42.♔g2 ♗e7 -1.24
37...♕xb5? -1.35
37...♕xf3 38.♔g1 ♕e3 39.♔h1 ♕xh3 40.♕c2 ♕f3 41.♔g1 ♗f6 42.♕g2 ♕e3 43.♕f2 -299.88
38.♖e1 ♕b4 39.♖c1 b5 40.♗f1 ♕b3? -1.03
40...♕a3 41.♕c6 b4 42.♖e1 ♕a8 43.♕xa8 ♖xa8 44.♗b5 ♖a3 45.♖e4 b3 46.♗d3 -1.54
41.♕c6? -1.52
41.♕b7 b4 42.♖c8 ♕b1 43.♔g2 ♕g6 44.♔h1 ♕d6 45.♗c4 ♗e7 46.♖xd8 ♕xd8 -1.03
41...b4 42.♗e2? -3.87
42.♖e1 ♕d5 43.♕xd5 ♖xd5 44.♗c4 ♖d7 45.♔g2 ♔h7 46.♔h3 ♖d4 47.♗f7 ♗d8 -1.52
42...♕b2? -1.85
42...♕e3 43.♗a6 b3 44.♖b1 ♗f6 45.♗b7 b2 46.♕c2 ♕d3 47.♕xd3 ♖xd3 48.♔g2 -3.87
43.♖c2 ♕e5 44.♕xh6
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