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Sunday, November 16, 2014

An interesting endgame study

This is from the van der Heijden endgame study database that I recently got.  Here is a nice one that is not too difficult but is interesting.

White to move and win


  1. Step 1 : what can black do?
    The black king can do nothing, there is only 1 pawn which can move:d6
    So is 1...d6-d5 dangerous? Is it a pawnbreak?
    2. cxd produces a passer at c5 which might get dangerous if the whit king is too far away.
    2. ed , still the black king cant do anything 2... e4 3.fxe and white has 2 connected passer and blck has nothing

    Result : Black has nothing at all

    Step 2. What to attack
    white can try to attack d6. g5 is too far away ( for the moment

    Step 3. While Black cant move a pawn we need to think about opposition and eventually far opposition Question: how can we win d6 by opposition?

    Step 4: thinking thinking

    Step 5: White king at c7 and black king at e7 black to move wins by: 1...Ke6 2.Kd8 and d6 is lost

    Step 6: How to create this situation? idea: we use the pawn d6 to force black to lose the opposition

    Step 7 calculation:
    1.Kb6 2.Kd7
    2.Kb7 something
    3.Kc6 or Kc7

    So i would say : Kb6 does work

    Step 8: Ka6 would be far opposition, that should work too?.. Calculating..yes!

    Step 9: such problems supose to have only one solution. Beeining irritated and analysing Kb6 again

    OMG 1.Kb6 and far opposition 1...Kf6, thats a draw

    Nice puzzle