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Friday, October 3, 2014


Tomasz asked me to post an example so he could critique it.  The example html won't fit in the comment so I will post it here.

Nathan (1600) - WeakDelfi (1200)

Result: 1-0
Site: Local computer
Date: 2014.10.01
[...] 1.♔b2 ♔f5 2.♔c3 ♔e4 3.♔c4 ♔e5 4.♔d3 ♔d5 5.♗e3 ♔e5 6.♘g3 ♔d5 7.♗d4 ♔c6 8.♔c4 ♔d6 9.♘f1 ♔e6 10.♘e3 ♔d6 11.♔b5 ♔c7 12.♔c5 ♔b7 13.♔b5 ♔c7 14.♘f5 ♔d7 15.♔c5 ♔c8 16.♔c6 ♔b8 17.♘d6 ♔a8 18.♘b5 ♔b8 19.♘c7 ♔c8 20.♗a7 ♔d8 21.♘d5 ♔e8 22.♔d6 ♔f7 23.♘e7 ♔g7 24.♗e3 ♔h7 25.♗g5 ♔g7 26.♔e6 ♔f8 27.♘c6 ♔g8 28.♘e5 ♔f8 29.♔d7 ♔g8 30.♔e7 ♔g7 31.♔e8 ♔g8 32.♗h6 ♔h8 33.♔f7 ♔h7 34.♗f8 ♔h8 35.♘g4 ♔h7 36.♘f6 ♔h8 37.♗g7#
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Your welcome my friend.

    In general you have done this task very good:
    1) You fit within 40 moves
    2) You played with the PLAN in all phases
    3) You chased the King from wrong into correct corner - with PERFECT way (in a modern computer style).

    I would play 13.Be5 instead of Kb6, 15...Ke6 would be a better (longer) resistance by the engine. Starting with move 17th - you played like a Nalimov Tablebase player ;) :). It is visible you obtained the last part perfectly (even if the engine played a few moves not that accurate as it should).

    Anyway congratulations to you my friend. If I would recommend any improvements - it could have been at the middle of the mating process - to see if there are a bit more squeezing moves - even if they are not perfect according to tablebases.

  3. Thanks to both of you for your comments. Not sure why Aox deleted his.