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Friday, August 1, 2014

A Good Valeri Lilov video

Today I watched a half hour video by Valeri Lilov called "Mastering Romantic Chess".  I thought it was a very good video.  He analyzed an Anderssen game so it worked in with my projects on this front in several ways.  He basically laid out several keys to playing in the Romantic style.  I think his main point was that "The combination is the tip of the iceberg."  His idea here is that even someone known as a "combinative player" was someone who had to build his attack before it would work well, and that he used some positional ideas in this regard.  The point is that the combination such as a mating combination or what have you is the result of a plan.  It's the final stage of the plan.  It's the fruit of the labor that went before, it doesn't just spring out of the blue.  Again, like many times, this is not an original idea.  I certainly basically knew this already.  However, the value comes from the skill with which he explains it using a concrete example, this time a game Anderssen played against Zukertort.  I thought he did a very good job showing what he meant and putting his ideas into language.  This kind of thing is helpful toward organizing one's knowledge or understanding of a topic.

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