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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Game 3

NN - me

Result: 0-1
Site: Banqiao First Stadium, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Date: 2014.07.13
[...] 1.e4 e5 2.♘f3 ♘c6 3.d4 exd4 4.♘xd4 ♕f6 This is a move I play because it makes sense to me and doesn't seem to have any too obvious drawbacks. One reader did scold me a while back for not practicing proper development. There may be something to that criticism, but so far I'm ok with this move. I think most of the time it will transpose to the main line. At least that's what I remember when I looked at it before. 5.♗e3 ♗c5 6.c3 ♘ge7 7.♗c4 O-O 8.O-O ♕e5 9.♘xc6 ♘xc6 10.♗xc5 ♕xc5 11.♗b3 ♖e8 12.♘d2 ♘e5 13.♕h5 d6 14.h3 ♘g6 15.♕xc5 Not sure why some players are eager to trade everything off. 15...dxc5 16.♖fe1 ♘e5 17.♗c2 His e-pawn is attacked zero times and defended three times. This last move seems to be just putting himself in a passive position. 17...♖d8 18.♖ad1 ♗e6 19.b3 ♖d6 20.c4 ♖ad8 21.♘f1 a6 22.♖xd6 ♖xd6 23.♖d1 b5 24.f4 ♖xd1 25.♗xd1 ♘d3 26.f5 ♗d7 27.cxb5 axb5 28.a4 bxa4 29.bxa4 ♘b2 30.♗b3 ♗xa4 31.♗xa4 ♘xa4 32.♘e3 ♘b2 33.♔f2 c4 34.♔e2 ♔f8
34...c3 My friend talked to me a bit about this afterwards and I think this is the point where he meant. The knight and the pawn create a "wall" on d1 through d3 that the king can't come through and so has to go around. 35.♘c2 (35.♘d5 c2 36.♔d2 ♘d3) 35...c5Adds d4 to the wall.36.♔e3
36.e5 ♔f8 37.♔e3 ♔e7 38.♔e4 ♔d7 39.♔d5 ♘a4 40.♔c4 ♔c6 41.♔b3 ♔b5 42.e6 fxe6 43.fxe6
36...♔f8 37.e5 ♔e7 38.♔e4 ♔d7 39.♔d5 ♘a4 40.e6 fxe6 41.fxe6 ♔e7 42.♔c4
35.♔d2 ♘a4 36.♘xc4 ♔e7 37.♔e3 ♔f6 38.♔f4 ♘c5 39.♘e3 ♘d3 40.♔f3 ♔e5 41.♘d5 c6 42.♘c3 ♔d4 43.♘e2 ♔c4 44.♔e3 ♘e5 45.♘c1 ♔c3 46.♘e2 My idea was to advance the king to a square that defended the road for the pawn to queen. Here I have to retreat though because otherwise the white king could slip through and capture my pawn. 46...♔c4 47.♘c1 c5 48.g4 ♘c6 △ Na5 and Nb3 49.♘d3 f6 To keep the knight out of e5 was the idea that the time. I think the better idea would be to play Nb4.
49...♘b4 50.♘xb4
50.♘e5 ♔b3 51.♔d2
51.♘xf7 c4 52.e5 c3 53.e6 ♘d5 (53...c2 54.e7 c1=♕ 55.♔e4 ♕c6 56.♔f4 ♕e8) 54.♔e4 c2 55.♔xd5 c1=♕ 56.e7 ♕d1 57.♔e6 ♔b2 58.e8=♕
51...♘a2 52.♔d3 f6
50...cxb4 51.♔d2 ♔b3 52.♔c1 ♔a2
50.♘f4 ♔b3 51.♘e6 c4 52.♘d4 ♘xd4 53.♔xd4 c3 54.e5 fxe5 55.♔xe5 c2 56.♔e6 c1=♕ 57.♔f7 ♕c7 58.♔e6 I stopped recording here because of time issues, but it's obviously won for me.
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