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Monday, July 28, 2014

Back to Wednesday Club

Been playing a good bit recently in various ways, but a lot of it has been pretty crappy.

Over the board: I've been going back to the Wednesday night club the last two weeks.  I feel slightly mixed about it, but on the whole it's been pretty enjoyable.  One new thing is that we play with the clock, though not always.  So far in the couple years of my recent chess career I have been pretty anti-blitz.  It seems to me to just reinforce the very things I'm trying hard to work on eliminating, such as not thinking and playing moves for bad or superficial reasons.  On the other hand, Dan Heisman who many times speaks up for slow chess has said several places that it's good to get a balance of both slow chess and blitz and that there are things you can learn from blitz as well.  Secondly, for me to participate in a social setting like the Wednesday club it seems it's pretty necessary for me to play blitz.  So I started playing some 5 minute games mostly against a player about my level.  It's a much different game but it does seem to have some fun aspects to it.  I just have a hard time playing that fast though and I have been up material several times then lost on time.  The thing I tell myself, is that is the name of the game, and certainly if my opponent used more time he would be less likely to leave that material hanging, so it's a trade off.  It's fun enough that I have played a couple of games online in 5 minute also.  I even managed to win a couple of games.  I may get the hang of it yet.  So far at the club I seem to be holding my own with respect to the couple of players at my level which is good, because I know one these players puts in a fair bit of effort to get better.

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