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Monday, July 15, 2013

ck line

I'm trying the "chess viewer deluxe" pgn viewer this time.  The Aquarium generated replay thingy had a couple of issues.  One was that it seemed to do some wierd stuff to the overall blog particularly if there was more than one post with a diagram.  The other issue was the square colors under pieces were always white.  So I kept looking.  Chess viewer deluxe is one they use at chessgames.com .  I think it looks nice for the most part and I like that the reader can mess with it and move the pieces and things to create variations.

This is mostly just an experiment but I have mentioned the Caro-Kann and the line I play against it in a vague way so I thought I would use this to post the line as far as I really know it.


  1. FYI, the Java app keeps coming up as a security risk in Chrome as an unsigned app.

    There are some other (non-Java) ways for game publishing, I compiled some recently in a blog post. You can of course do more with a Java app, although the gaping security holes highlighted in the past year or so have put a lot of people off of it. Maybe it's in better shape after the last couple of patches, but I normally don't use it any more, especially when apps lack digital signatures and such.

    Other people may not have any issues with it, but thought I'd mention it.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I was getting the same thing in firefox but I just checked the box to not ask again. I have given another try to using the Aquarium generated HTML. There's still some bugs but they don't seem to be as significant as with the post before. I appreciate you posts on the subject they were helpful to me.