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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thinking process

For a variety of reasons I have gone through a phase where I haven't been playing very much.  This last week though I have picked up again and have been playing a bunch of 30 30 games on FICS.  I've won a couple but I've also made a plethora of very bad moves.  I'm not sure why I'm so susceptible to "chess blindness" as I have put it before.

I get a bit upset by these blunders.  I've also found that simply swearing to myself that I am not going to make a blunder in this game doesn't help.  I think if I am serious about not making these blunders I have to commit to doing something different in my thought process.  So, taking a minute to think about the problem, I remembered some of the things that my coach told me about it.

The main idea is to look at checks, captures, and threats.  First for my opponent and then for myself.  I think this makes a lot of sense.  I think it will help to address a variety of the mistakes that lead to me making blunders.  I think the main thing for me is basically getting too excited about my own ideas and neglecting to consider my opponents resources.  Focusing on a definite thought process should help to negate a lot of the psychology that prevents me from looking at the situation properly.

I guess the main drawback that I see with this is that it is sort of simplistic in a way.  But I think it's a good foundation, and that after I have really internalized this process I will be able to add some things like positional ideas and whatnot.  But for now this seems to be the right idea for me.

So, I hereby resolve to follow a definite thinking process for each of the moves of my games from now on.

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