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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I'm not in any way being reimbursed for this post, I just wanted to say it.

Basically, I have had some really good experiences dealing with the customer service at Convetka.  The first time was when I bought Chess Assistant 12.  I pulled a really bone headed maneuver and accidentally lost the serial number I had purchased (I got the download version).  It took me some time and doing but I was eventually able to connect with a rep on Skype.  I was actually expecting that I would be told it was my fault since they delivered and I would just have to pay for another serial number.  Anyway, the rep on skype got me my serial number and then went ahead and fixed some other issues on their own initiative.  I just ended up feeling very positive about the experience.

Secondly I just bought some training programs.  Aside from being quite happy with the training programs so far, (I've only had them a few days.)  I was also able to get some one to help me claim the free program I was supposed to get with my order.  Basically they advertise that you can get a free program if you buy two.  I think it could be made clearer how to actually claim the gift, but basically they told me when I contacted them that I was supposed to have written the program in the comment box. (My usual impulsiveness, even though I was conscious that I didn't know how to claim the gift I went ahead and ordered without contacting anyone about it).  I had replied to an automatic email about my order status and I got a very friendly reply on the next business day and basically they came right out and just asked me to tell them what I wanted in email and they would get it for me.  I replied and within a few hours I had the download code and everything.  Again, I just felt that they handled the situation really well.

I won't say as much for the forum help.  I found that the guy who runs the forum isn't much help at all and doesn't even seem to understand the questions.  The forum is also full of spam.  So I wouldn't recommend trying to get help that way, but the other ways were very friendly and responsive and took care of the problem with no fuss.

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